1. B.G. Choir


(China / Mixed & Ethic / Wang Jin, Conductor)
The B.G. Choir is an emerging choral group established in 2005 in Shanghai. Currently the B.G. Choir has more than 40 singers. Most of them are graduates from Shanghai’s top universities, and were key members in their campus choirs. Wang Jin conducts this young group of experienced singers through a range of choral styles—classical, jazz, folk and experimental. They have performed with Shanghai Symphony, the International Festival Chorus and Shanghai Voices International Choir, etc. in a number of performances.

2. Brawijaya University Student Choir

(Indonesia / Mixed & Ethic / Ira Purnama Sari, Conductor) Brawijaya University Student Choir was formed with a wide range of members and different backgrounds in 1986 and have served in a variety of events in Brawijaya University, especially those that are ceremonial, for example Graduation Bechelor, Master Inauguration of large, Flag Ceremony and others. Currently the choir has successfully demonstrated its presence in the national level with variety achievements in various nation competition.

3. Choir of the Music Department Hefei Teachers College


(China / Mixed / Wang Yifan, Conductor)
Founded in 2007, Choir of the Music Department Hefei Teachers College is a Mixed Choir that consists of over 40 students of music major. The Choir is capable of performing a variety of musical works, especially Chinese folksong and modern Sacred musical works. The choir is lead by Mr. Luo Keman as the Art Director, Mr. Zheng Wei and Mrs. Yu Wenbo as the Heads, and Mr. Wang Yifan as the Conductor.

4. Iris Choir


(Japan / Festival / Chiyo Takeda, Conductor) Iris choir was established in July 2009 with 12 female members and 6 male members aged 60 years on average. Iris choir sings pop music and hymn under the conduct of Ms. Chiyo Takeda who is both an opera singer and a classical pianist. Although only a few members have careers in chorus, the choir always keeps their motto, ‘Enjoy singing and make an audience happy’.

5. ITS Student Choir


(Indonesia / Mixed & Ethic / Fritz Bosar Simangunsong, Conductor) ITS Student Choir was founded in 1975 on the initiative of Drs. Kresnayana Yahya, M.Sc. along with several student who is responsible for activities in the field of vocal. Especially choirs. The choir has developed into a very important and respectable activity unit in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. With more than 300 members in the choir, it had proven itself as a solid organization whose achievements include performing in big scale events. ITS Student Choir has been proving their existence as one of the best choir in East Java today.

6. Nagoya Chamber Choir

(Japan / Festival / Tae-hyo Kwon, Conductor) Nagoya Chamber Choir was established in Gifu, mainly with 12 women who have career in opera choir in 2009. Under the conductor Tae-hyo Kwon who is a passionate person about music as a director of opera, choir performs lots of songs written in various languages as well as opera based on thorough vocal exercises. Especially they challenge Korean song ‘Gashiri’ this time. Nagoya Chamber Choir thinks much of importance of mutual exchange through their beautiful harmony, also they want to share their music with much more people beyond counties.

7. Nastroenie


(Russia / Ethnic / Evgeniya Bannova, Conductor ) Vocal and choreographic group «Nastroenie» which are well known no t only in their city and country, but also abroad was formed in 2002. The group «Nastroenie» took part in international festivals, different charity concerts and has become the winner in different competitions and festivals like the 2nd International Creative Festival-Contest in Haribin, China and the Annual Festival, «Preobrazhenie» St.Petersburg, Russia. Vocal choreographic group «Nastroenie» whose program includes Russian folk songs, the songs of world famous composers, religious (church) songs, songs with instrumental accompaniment, аcappella executes performances of different eras, centuries and currents.

8. OPS(Oriental Pure Sound) Youth Choir


(Malaysia / Festival / Chew Hock Ping, Conductor) The OPS Youth Choir was formed in March 2010. The Choir is affiliated to Seremban Chung Hua Alumni Choir (established in 1975). Since the formation of the Choir, the members who are young singers from colleges, universities or young graduates have been training hard under vocal teacher Lim Aik Guan. They had performed at the Lake Club in Kuala Lumpur on 23rd May 2010; School Auditorium in Petaling Jaya on 25th July 2010 and Malacca on 31st July 2010. The choral conductor is Chew Hock Ping, the choral director of Seremban Chung Hua Alumni Choir and the President of Malaysia Choral Federation.

9. Philippine Normal University Chorale


(The Philippines / Mixed & Popular / Luzviminda B. Modelo, Conductor) Since its organization in 1991, the PNU Chorale has competed and gained recognition in various national and international choir competitions and festivals in Korea, France and Spain etc. In 2009, they were awarded “ANI NG DANGAL” by the Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts making PNU Chorale as one of the best university choirs in the Philippines. Most recently they emerged as Grand Champion besting 42 choral groups in the 1st Institut Teknologi Bandung International Choral Competition held in Bandung, Indonesia on July 29 to August 1, 2010 where they were also adjudged champion in the mixed choir historical, free program choirs and mixed young adult categories and gold medal in the folk song category.


(Nepal / Festival / Ramesh Man Maharjan, Leader) Even though Nepal is very small, it has ethnic, cultural and geographical diversity. The country itself is a melting pot of folklore, folk dances, folk music, modern songs and classical music. To preserve and promote such traditional folk/classical dances, RODHIGHAR NEPAL was established in year 2005 and registered in 2008 as a non profitable, non governmental cultural organization with an approval and recognition of Government of Nepal. The most of the promoter of this group are senior Veteran Folk/Classical artists of Nepal who have been participating an performing in a various cultural programs at various parts of country and in International folk festivals as well.

11. SAT Choir


(Italy / Popular / Mauro Pedrotti, Conductor) The SAT Choir was founded in Trento in 1926 by four brothers, Enrico, Mario, Silvio and Aldo Pedrotti. They worked out a new way of singing popular songs arranging them by ear for ‘a cappella choir’ without any score and musical knowledge. Many famous musicians were interested in the choir(Renato Dionisi, Arturo Lunelli, Andrea Mascagni etc.). The choir performed about two thousand concerts all over the world. It had only three conductors: Enrico Pedrotti till 1938, Silvio Pedrotti since 1938 till 1988, Mauro Pedrotti since 1988. The choir recorded his songs since 1935 by Columbia, Carisch, RCA and, since 1996, by his own recording firm Fondazione Coro della SAT. At present the choir is composed by 36 singers and their average age is about 45 years.

12. Severacek Choir


(Czech Rep. / Equal & Ethnic / Silvie Palka, Conductor) At present Severacek choir is one of the best children choirs in Europe. Since its founding in 1958, Severacek has been represented as a big "choir family" - three hundred girls and boys between the ages of four to eighteen perform in four prepared sections and a concert choir. Severacek has shown its exceptional quality with many winnings in international competitions abroad: among others Cantonigros, Pärnu, Neerpert, Prague, Rhodes, Preveza, Nantes, Tour, Arezzo, Celije. Enthusiastic ovations have followed Severacek on three continents. Severacek is appreciated by authorities for its extraordinary vocal quality, musicalness and spontaneity.

13. St. Gabriel’s Vocal Ensemble


(Singapore / Festival / Flora Yee, Conductor) Hailing from St. Gabriel’s Secondary School, the Vocal Ensemble is an all-male TTBB Choral group, scaling many heights despite its relatively short history since 2002. The Vocal Ensemble has participated in island wide competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival Choral Judging in 2005, 2007 and 2009, clinching a silver and two gold awards respectively. The Vocal Ensemble also organized charity concerts with other schools such as Holy Innocents High & Presbyterian High for the past 5 years and has held numerous exchanges with school choirs from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan.

14. Taichung Artists Women’s Choir


(Taiwan / Equal & Ethnic / Pi-Hua Chuang, Conductor) Taichung Artists Women’s Choir was founded by Dr. Pi-Hua Chuang in March, 2006. Started as a female choir, the choir congregated vocal talents in central Taiwan, and to present the beauty of chorus. The choir currently formed mainly by music teachers in high schools and elementary schools, including choral conductors, MM in voice and MM in music education. At the same time, half of the members are conductors of choruses in schools they teach. With their professional skill and enthusiasm in music, the choir developed as a small but delicate one. In 2009, Taichung Artists Women’s Choir was selected as “The Excellent Performing Arts Group” of Taichung.

15. Tarlac State University Choir


(The Philippines / Mixed & Ethnic / Aris G. Madrid, Conductor) The Tarlac State University Choir is the premiere mixed-choir ensemble of Tarlac State University who aims for choral excellence and was named the Musical Ambassadors of the Province of Tarlac. The group was created under the President’s Committee on Culture and the Arts in the early 90’s to have a singing group performing during some university events. On August 2009, the choir was awarded Gold diploma in Folk and SIlver diploma in Musica Sacra category at the 1st CCP National Chorale Competition participated by internationally-reknowned Filipino choirs. On May 2010, the choir was also awarded 2nd Place in the 2nd European Union Chorale Competition.

16. Templar Chorus of Letran


(The Philippines / Mixed & Ethnic / Jonathan Ayson, Conductor) The Templar Chorus of Letran is the official choral organization of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Intramuros, Manila, composed of students and alumni who share the same passion for choral music. The chorus now has a repertoire that spans from Renaissance madrigals and motets, to 20th C. avant-grade choral works, as well as folk songs and popular songs from the Philippines and other countries. In 2008, the chorus won 1st place in the Manila Cathedral Choral Competition and in 2009 won 1st place as well in the Philippine Tourism Authority’s Eco-Chorale Competition.

17. The Bangkok Voices

18. The Bangkok Voices
(Thailand / Mixed & Popular / Kittiporn Tantrarungroj, Conductor) The Bangkok Voices was formed in 2005. The group comprised of musicians, music teachers, students & music lovers. They have introduced numerous new choral works to the Thai audience. They have commission a lot of new choral arrangement of Thai music. These music gives new dimension for many local choir repertoires. As many new choirs around the country use them as prototypes and pattern in their own development. Their achievement internationally includes: Silver & Bronze medals from the 4th World Choir Games (Choir Olympics) at Xiamen, People Republic of China in 2006; Gold and Silver medals from 1st Asian Choir Games at Jakarta, Indonesia in 2007.

18. The S.T.A.R.S.

(United States / Festival / Natalie Oliver-Atherton, Conductor) The S.T.A.R.S. (Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls) is a traveling vocal ensemble, consisting of professional entertainers, who come together with the sole purpose of uplifting the planet with song. The songs themselves will touch people's hearts in a way that will connect them all, casting away any perceived differences in culture, race, age, economic status or nationality. At S.T.A.R.S, although they are Americans, they bring together all religions, cultures and ethnicities, creating a blend that inspires and uplifts audiences around the world. They consider themselves ambassadors of the United States, and they know they will change the lives of everyone they meet by the attitudes and actions of our singers.

19. Vocal Ensemble Gentlemen Singers

(Czech Rep. / Popular / Richard Uhlir, Artistic leader) Vocal Ensemble Gentlemen Singers from Hradec Králové was established in 2003. It has become one of the most significant Czech music ensembles during its rather short history and it is desired not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. Gentlemen Singers regularly appears at important festivals, records musical programs for radio and television. Since its foundation in 2003 it gave more than 300 concerts in 14 countries from all over the world (e.g. Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Estonia, Russia, Tunisia or the United States of America) In addition to its concert activity Gentlemen Singers together with Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra regularly organize concert series called „Chamber evenings with Gentlemen Singers“Among the recent accomplishments of Gentlemen Singers belongs the 2nd place at the prestigious festival Tolosa Choral Contest (2008).

20. Kowloon Boys Choir, Wah Yan College


(Hong Kong / Equal & Ethnic / Lesley Ka-hei Chan, Conductor) Established in 1960s, under the baton of Mr. Lee Tak-Kwan, the school choir became one of the most celebrated boys’ school choirs in the territory. It was invited by the colonial government to perform at various occasions. The choir has won a Gold Medal in the 2008 HK International Youth & Children’s Choir Festival and the ‘Best Performance Award’ in the 4th China Treble Choir Festival, to which the choir has been invited for demonstration performance in the closing ceremony.

21. Winneba Youth Choir


(Ghana / Mixed & Ethnic / John Francis Arthur Yamoah, Conductor) The Winneba Youth Choir was founded in May 1989, by George Mensah-Essilfie (Principal Organist) with John Francis Arthur-Yamoah as Conductor and Choirmaster. It was under the patronage of the late Vice President of the Republic of Ghana H. E. Kow Nkensen & Marian Arkaah. In May 1998 the Choir was incorporated as a non-profit seeking association, with the name of Winneba Youth Choir, and is governed by a Board of eminent Ghanaians. The Winneba Youth Choir is recognized as the leading choral group in Ghana, and is credited with the mainstreaming of Choral Music in Ghana, as well as the development of a strong Youth Choral Culture in the country. It boasts of being the only choir which has performed for 3 visiting US Presidents in a row, i.e. Prez Clinton, Bush2, and recently Prez Obama. Their objective is to support these children and to nurture their natural talents in music, in the belief that they may imbibe the inherent principles of discipline and perseverance needed for productive adulthood.

Qualifiers in the 2010 MBC National Choral Competition

The following choirs have qualified for the semifinals of this year's MBC National Choral Competition: 


December 6

Bagong Silangan Elementary School QC
Isabelo de los Reyes Elementary School Tondo
Quezon City Performing Arts Foundation
St Paul College Pasig

December 7

Koro del Pilar of Malolos
St Paul College of Paranaque
Pasig Catholic College
Legarda Elementary School

December 8

Laoag Central Elementary School
Pilgrim Christian College - Cagayan de Oro
Commonwealth Elementary School QC
Malate Catholic School

December 9

Samiweng Singers - Ilocos Norte
Calasiao Children's Chorus
Cebu Normal University
Juan Luna Elementary School


December 6 -
Koro Ilustrado
University of Makati
FEU Chorale
Coro San Benildo
Lyceum Northwestern University Dagupan
Chorus Vocales 

December 7 -
Manila Youth Choir
Mapua Cardinal Singers
Tarlac State University
John B. Lacson Memorial University Iloilo
St Scholastica's College High School Glee Club.
University of Manila
Tining - ang Koro ng Letran Calamba 

December 8 -
University of the Visayas
Ateneo de Davao
Kalibnusan of Philippine Normal University- Alicia , Isabela
Tingog Sorsoganon
Santiago City Chorale
Sto Nino de Arevalo Parish Iloilo
Himig Sanghaya 

December 9 -
St Louis University
University of San Agustin Troubadours
Voice of Cebu
Octava Choral Society Iligan
Ilagan State University Rhythmic Society
Camarines Sur Polytechnic College Naga
Cebu Normal University. 

All qualifiers should confirm their participation by November 5, submit detailed registration forms by November 12, and 3 copies each for the songs they indicated in their form.  For inquiries, please email siouxstar@gmail.com




Tarlac State University Choir

Mr. Aris Madrid

University of Asia and the Pacific Chorale

Mr. Danny Monte

University of Makati

Ms. Elsie Eranista

De La Salle University (Dasmariñas) Chorale

Mr. Vell Luis Litan

University of the Philippines Medicine Choir

Mr. Ginoo Karlo Galvez Tan

First Asia Minstrels

Mr. Eric Kalaw

                                                                                                                                                             Mapua Institute of Technology – Cardinal Chamber Singers

Prof. Angelito Ayran Jr.

                                                                                                                                                            Coro San Benildo

Mr. Lorenzo Gealogo

                                                                                                                                                            University of the Philippines Los Baños Chorale Ensemble

Mr. Vonn Lomarda

                                                                                                                                                            PUP Bagong Himig Serenata

Mr. Emil Cruz